Dr. Sandra Newes

Dr. Newes is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in ketamine assisted psychotherapy with a focus on resilience, trauma, anxiety, chronic stress, self-regulation, and substance misuse and recovery.  She offers comprehensive psychological evaluation and is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer and workshop presenter.


Specializing in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, trauma & resilience, mental health issues & recovery, nature connection, wilderness/adventure therapy, staff training, & corporate wellness.

Psychedelic-Provider Network

Innovative Online community for mental health clinicians and medical providers integrating psychedelic medicine into their practice.

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Living Medicine Institute

Live, hybrid and virtual training for clinicians and
medical providers interested in
psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

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Theta Healing Session With Teenage Girl

Clinical Practice

Ketamine therapy, individual, and group psychotherapy for older adolescents and adults in Asheville, NC in-person and via Telehealth.

Psychologist having session with her patient

Psychological Evaluation

Comprehensive psychological, forensic, and psychoeducational assessments for older adolescents and adults individually and through treatment programs.

Organizational Consulting

Develop strategies to ensure that leadership and employees have the skillset to ensure resiliency and productivity in a hybrid work environment.

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