Clinical Practice

Experience & Clinical Approach

Dr. Sandra Newes, aka Sandy, is a Licensed Psychologist with over 25 years of clinical experience and specializes in anxiety, chronic stress, trauma and substance use issues and recovery. She offers Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy through Concierge Medicine and Psychiatry and other avenues since 2019 and brings a trauma informed, brain-based and resiliency focused approach to her work. She has worked extensively with wilderness/adventure therapy and addiction recovery programs and works with clients transitioning out of treatment. She also offers training in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy through the Living Medicine Institute, clinically oriented trainings for direct care staff, and training in trauma and resilience and other topics upon request.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Dr. Newes offers Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) in collaboration with Concierge Medicine and Psychiatry in Asheville. NC. KAP is an innovative therapeutic approach that is based on the synergy of the benefits of the psychedelic state associated with medically supervised use of ketamine with an in-depth clinical and therapeutic process. This cutting edge approach allows for the loosening of rigidly held defenses and softening of the nervous system so clients can see process their underlying issues in different ways and begin to re-experience consistent joy and well-being. She is also the co-founder of the Living Medicine Institute, offering training to clinicians interested in incorporating psychedelic assisted psychotherapy into their practices.

Individual Psychotherapy

As the founder of Clear View Psychological Services SE, Dr. Newes brings a wide range of expertise to the therapeutic process. Building from the assessment, KAP and other sessions focus on developing the self-knowledge you need to transform and shift deeply entrenched brain based patterns. You will learn skills you can use outside of sessions to transform anxiety and stress into resilience, calm, and increased joy. Dr. Newes is currently only accepting clients that are interested in incorporating ketamine assisted psychotherapy into their therapeutic process.


Dr. Newes uses in-depth assessment to drive the clinical process for both ketamine assisted and traditional psychotherapy and draws from a range of evidence-based interventions to address client needs. Unlike some types of supportive counseling, Dr. Newes offers education about how adverse life experiences impact the brain and nervous system. Drawing from neuroscience, Dr. Newes ties how such experiences hardwire our brains and nervous systems to be in a constant state of hypervigilant scanning for threat. This translates to heightened emotional reactivity, unshakeable feelings of stress, pervasive anxiety and worry, and problems with regulating our brains and nervous systems, all of which contribute to challenges in relationships. The resolution of these issues along with learning new skills to manage life's stressors leads to greater resilience, joy and overall well-being.  She also orders comprehensive psychological evaluation.


Dr. Newes builds from a psychodynamic foundation and combines that with a trauma and resiliency based approach that focuses on creating lasting shifts in brain-based states. She utilizes state of the art techniques such as mindfulness, somatic/body-based skills, brainspotting, biofeedback, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), and nature-based connection. Her approach is heavily skills-based.


Dr. Newes offers skills-based and trauma focused coaching and clients commonly utilize this service after completing a course of ketamine therapy. Coaching focuses on development of skills to improve resilience, regulate stress, improve relationship functioning, and increase productivity.


Dr. Newes offers ketamine therapy training groups to clinicians associated with the Living Medicine Institute training program. She has also offered groups associated with treatment programs, IOP's and to the general public with a focus on trauma informed skills of self-regulation. Participants learn about the brain and nervous system, and how trauma and chronic stress impacts us. They gain an understanding of Resilient Zone, how to tell when we are "in the zone vs. out of the zone" and learn to use that as a framework to cultivate resilience and well-being. Upon request, she leads outdoor-based experiential groups, focused on incorporating nature connection activities for trauma and resilience.

Therapeutic Intensives

Dr. Newes will co-create an individualized therapeutic intensive in combination with a course of ketamine assisted psychotherapy. With an overarching focus on learning applied frameworks and skills to develop resilience, self-regulation, improved relationships. and a clearer vision of the future, these intensives may include nature connection activities mindfulness-based components, somatic skills for trauma resolution and stress resilience, equine therapy, biofeedback, and a variety of expressive or creative activities.


NOTE- Dr. Newes is currently not offering this. Neurofeedback (aka "brain training) is offered as an adjunct to individual psychotherapy. It enhances the clinical process by strengthening self-regulation capacities. This supports improvements in emotional stability, self-awareness, executive functioning and behavior while supporting deep-level calming.