Dr. Newes is a gifted educator with over twenty years of offering training and workshops for staff, clinical professionals and the general public on a variety of topics, including psychedelic therapy.

Organizational Resilience Panel
Association for Experiential Education Virtual Conference

Explore this lively panel discussion, lead by Sandy Newes, at the November 2020 virtual conference for the Association for Experiential Education.

Direct Care Staff Training

Dr. Newes has offered training to staff at residential treatment, therapeutic schools, wilderness/adventure therapy and outdoor experiential education programs for over 20 years,  She is the co-developer of the Clinical First Responder (CFR) training and has a range of curriculum and training topics available upon request.  

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The goal of her trainings is for staff to become more effective at facilitating positive outcomes for clients, while supporting them to work more effectively as valued members of a therapeutic team. Staff are taught to become more intentional in choosing interventions and strategies and identify issues and needs that underly client behavior and symptoms. They learn how to effectively use the relationship as a tool to effect change, develop flexibility in applying skills and knowledge, and to view situations with a trauma-informed lens.

Resilience Skills Training

Drawing from the neuroscience of trauma, stress, mindfulness, and positive neuroplasticity, Dr. Newes offers skills-based trainings to strengthen resilience drawing from the Community Resilience Model (CRM) curriculum.  These trainings are applicable for anyone involved in human services in any area.  

Custom Trainings

Dr. Newes will develop custom training models to meet program or organizational needs.  She is actively involved in the development of the psychedelic medicine field and applies her expertise in this evolving area.

Dr. Newes also facilitates outdoor-based rites of passage and nature connection-based workshops and ceremonies, as well as transformational coaching and workshops based on the Heroes Journey and other models.