Psychological Evaluation

Assessment Services

Dr. Sandra Newes is nationally recognized for the quality of her evaluations and has over 25 years of clinical experience specializing in differential diagnosis and clarifying complex issues. Her experience informs each evaluation to offer useful, relevant and comprehensive insights that can be immediately applied. Assessments help to develop a better understanding of challenges in school, work, social and personal life that have led the client to this point in their life.

Assessments are available as part of the psychotherapy process, at the request of a client, parent or therapeutic program, or as part of a court-related process (aka, forensic evaluation). Assessments provide a clear and complete understanding of the client to be used by the family, treatment provider, school or legal system, and other involved professionals in developing intervention strategies and coordinating care.

Evaluations  create an understanding of how cognitive and psychological factors relate to core issues such as identity, emotional/behavioral control, developmental factors, psychological factors, and response to treatment.