Assessing the Team

Determine needed improvements in organizational resilience, virtual working relationships and performance issues and customize training or consulting to improve results.

Develop Resilience

As we have seen business struggle through the uncertainties of the pandemic and after, employees continue to struggle to balance the ups and downs of their business and home environment and become anxious, stressed and underperform. 

Dr. Newes assesses the resilience of the team and creates a skills-based training that recognizes and supports changing the underlying factors that contribute to a lack of resilience and the coping skills needed to re-achieve balance.

Improve Relationships

Working as a team continues to be challenging as individuals are working and meeting with their customers virtually and in other novel ways. The new hybrid workforce calls on individuals to create new connections and communication pathways to function as a team and manage stressors.

Dr. Newes helps organizations navigate the landscape of the virtual and hybrid work environment to ensure that vital relationships are maintained and nurtured and employees remain resilient and productive.

Maximize Performance

Employees that work virtually often become more or less productive in their jobs.  They struggle with balancing the need to continue to produce in their jobs and also manage the demands of outside  life, family obligations and a stressful world.

Dr. Newes helps organizations understand how their teams are performing and helps develop strategies to help employees manage stressors, while balancing their busy lies and their need to perform on the job.