Events & Conferences

Dr. Newes regularly presents at events and conferences.  She is often called on to share her expertise in resilience, trauma, organizational culture, chronic stress, anxiety and addiction.

Psychedelic Science, 2023 - June 19-23, 2023 in Denver, CO

Join MAPS and the global psychedelic community for the fourth Psychedelic Science conference, with 5 days of conference + 4 days of community. Discover the future of psychedelic medicine through informative talks, valuable workshops, exciting events, and marketplace opportunities. 

Association for Experiential Education, Virtual Conference
November 12-14, 2020

Even through distance, over 700 attendees from around the world came together to network, connect, learn, and collaborate with one another. Dr. Newes lead a panel discussion on organizational resilience and collaborations with the natural world to foster resilience and heal trauma.

Cloud Conventions 2020
May 11-14, 2020

Nationally-recognized psychologist Dr. Sandy Newes specializes in helping individuals develop resilience to manage through difficult situations. Join her as she shares how to translate what she does in her individual practice to help you or your team develop resilience in times of crisis so they can stay focused, productive and mentally healthy.

Mental Health Recovery Services in North Carolina | CooperRiis

Cooper Riis, Human Development & Resilience Skills Training
Summer and Fall, 2020

Cooper Riis offers a strong clinical, residential treatment programs for adults 18+.  Dr. Newes has an on-going training program for their organization built around resilience skills training.

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Risk Management for Outdoor Programs
Winter Webinar Series

Top-notch professionals in the outdoor industry will come together to deepen understanding of risk management in this series offered through Experiential Consulting, LLC. Dr. Newes is honored to be a speaker in the series and will be presenting on :  Trauma-Informed Risk Management: Building Resilience through Challenge.  The date is January 28, 1-2:30 EST.  To learn more about her talk or the other speakers or topics in the series, please click here for the Winter Webinar Series